Saturday, June 16, 2012

Johnny Black Soul Chaser Series

Dexter Blackwell has the worst job in hell, he's a clerk in the Accounts Receivable department at Hades Correctional, with a real demon for a boss. So when he unexpectedly gets the chance to work as an agent for the Soul Pursuit and Apprehension Agency (SPAA) he grabs the opportunity with both hands.

Assuming the identity of Johnny Black, a Chicago mobster, Dexter is sent on a series of missions that take him to 1920's Chicago, ancient Rome, revolutionary Paris, and the Wild West. On his travels, he encounters real-life characters like Al Capone, Marie Antoinette, Billy the Kid, Mark Antony and the Roman emperor, Commodus.

He also has to contend with rival soul chasers (including Pandora Jain, the most beautiful woman in the known universes), angry demons, testy ogres and bad-tempered imps, one of which is his erstwhile sidekick, Jitterbug.

Johnny Black, Soul Chaser is a thrill-a-minute, laugh-a-minute, genre-bending series, including four adventures, You're a Dead Man Johnny Black; Johnny Black, Gladiator; C'est la Vie, Johnny Black; and Go West, Johnny Black. You won't be able to put it down.

You can buy the Complete Johnny Black Soul Chaser Series at a 60% discount to the price of the individual books by clicking here: Johnny Black Series. Alternatively, click the links below to read samples from each of the books in the series.

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  1. Johnny Black, Gladiator is my favorite of the Johnny Black Soul Chaser Series. Pandora, Commodus and in particular Jitterbug are really funny. I loved it!