Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dead Ever After (Zombie D.O.A. Book 20)

"The final episode of the Zombie D.O.A. series. Will humanity survive?"

The once mighty Pendragon Corporation has fallen, leaving humanity at the mercy of the horrendously depraved John Messenger and his Zombie army.

As the horde sweeps north across California, the Collins family finds itself directly in its path and unable to flee. They hope that Messenger will pass them by. Little do they know that they hold the one thing he’s determined to have, and that he won’t stop until he gets it.     

The conclusion to the Zombie D.O.A. Series cranks up the odds and the action, accelerating towards an ending that will make your jaw drop.

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  Dead Ever After

Sunday, July 27, 2014

We, The Dead (Zombie D.O.A. Book 19)

"The ongoing adventures of the Collins clan in the latest exciting episode of the Zombie D.O.A. series"

Under the weak leadership of General Bob Harrow, the Pendragon Corporation is crumbling. Torn by internal strife, its resources dwindling, its men openly mutinous, the once mighty Corporation is no longer the bastion against the zombie hordes that it once was.

And its demise could not have come at a worse time.  

A massive army of the undead is surging north out of El Centro, the brutal half-Z, John Messenger, at its head. His mission? To destroy every human settlement in his path.

The equation is simple.

If Messenger breaks through every human in California is at risk.

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  We, The Dead

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dead and Dangerous (Zombie D.O.A. Book 18)

“Every day there are more of them and fewer of us. 

This doesn’t end well for the
human race.”

It started with the mysterious radio broadcasts, strange clicking sounds that meant nothing and yet seemed to be more than just random noise.

Then, without warning, the zombies disappeared from the streets of El Centro, and a stranger rolled into town, sporting a neck wound that would have put any ordinary man in the ground.

Lt. Charlie Collins doesn’t know what to make of these strange turns of events, nor of the disturbing news coming out of Pendleton, news of an imminent civil war. All he knows is that something strange is going on, something big, and in all likelihood, something bad.

If the zombie hordes rise up now, who can stop them?

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  Dead and Dangerous

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Never Dead (Zombie D.O.A. Book 17)

Decades after the initial zombie outbreak, mankind is on its knees, clinging desperately to a last bastion in California while the zombie hordes rule the land and a new threat, quick Zs, has emerged.

While the Pendragon Corporation, depleted of supplies and torn by internal strife, struggles to cope with this renewed onslaught, Lt. Charlie Collins is in trouble again.

Hauled before a disciplinary committee for his latest breach of military discipline, Charlie's punishment is not quite what he expected.

Little does he know that it is a virtual death sentence, placing him directly in the path of a deadly force, rising just a hundred miles to the east, a force led by the most terrifying adversary he's ever faced.

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The Never Dead