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Okay, here's the big news! I've started work on a new series of Zombie D.O.A. Yes, I know that I said that Book 12 would be the last of the series, but since publishing Requiem for the Dead, I've been inundated by fans of the series asking for more. Many suggested that there was surely more trouble I could dream up for Chris, Joe, Ruby and company and after I mulled it over for a while I decided, "hell yeah, why not!"

The truth is that I've grown quite fond of these characters and after typing the footnotes to Requiem, I felt suddenly empty, like these were friends I wanted to hang out with for a while longer. So if you've also been feeling a bit like you're missing old friends, stay calm and watch out for The Dead Shall Rise Again, to be released mid January 2013.

This will be the first of a new book series. The only other thing I can tell you is that it will be based on the East Coast and that its going to be a doozy.   

Where does that leave the other projects I've mentioned previously? Well,  the Ruby Collins series will be rolled into this one, with Ruby of course playing a big part. My other zombie series, The Rage will follow at some stage. I'll let you know more as work progresses.    

Once again, let me thank you for your continued support and your kind words and your enjoyment of my stories. You keep reading 'em and I'll keep writing 'em.


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