Monday, October 22, 2012

Praise for the Zombie D.O.A. Series

I try not to read reviews of my work, really I do. But, like every other insecure writer out there, I have to sneak a peak every once in a while, just to see that I'm hitting the right marks with my audience (at least so I tell myself!). Nonetheless, I've been pleasantly surprised by some of the kind things you've had to say about the Zombie D.O.A. series.

Here are just some of the comments that have put a spring in my step and sent me back to my laptop on days when the words come hard and a cocktail by the pool seems oh so appealing.

I thank you from the bottom of my undead heart.


Excellent and Amazingly Hopeful  *****

This series of books were the best zombie books ever. Action, story and humanity come together to deliver a book I could not put down. The ending was amazing and especially in a zombie book. This is one keeper I look forward to reading again one day. Would love to see another book about Chris and Ruby's reunion too.

Sheena Albright on 


If I could give more stars to this book i would!! This book is just so AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! The story starts off creepy, scary and good, continues, creepy, scary and good and ends creepy, scary and good!! I cant wait to get to the next part which i will start reading as soon as i give this review!! I take my hat off to the author, i give you a standing ovation and say BRAVO!BRAVO!! good job! keep them coming like the first book, creepy, scary and just the right amount of humor!!

Caridad Cruz on Goodreads

DOA Series *****

"Ok so been on this zombie novel kick for over a year now. I have read some really, really good ones, and some really, really bad ones. Approx. 70 zombie novels so far. I dont write reviews and i know i should because there are alot I have liked but wrote nothing on them. JJ Zep suprised me out of nowhere with this zombie series. I bought all four after getting hooked by the sample and am now about to purchase the fifth one. All I can say is the series is simply awesome. I judge a book by wether i can put it down or even want to or not. I did not want to put these down, to go to sleep, or to work. Of course i had to, but eargerly looked forward to getting back to them as soon as possible. When you tell yourself "ok i can get by on 5 hours sleep, and go to work tomorrow" Just because you want to read it for one more hour, then I think its a damn good read Thanks JJ for the awesome time spent in your little world of creativity. I will continue to purchase your work."

Sean Julius on

Unique And Impossible To Put Down *****

"I've been on this "zombie apocalypse" reading kick for the past year or so. I've read about a hundred different books, novellas, and short stories on the subject of a post-apocalyptic earth after our inevitable extinction event goes down. The D.O.A. series was one of my favorites. It has relatable characters, a strong central plot line, and some fun sub-plot events that keep you reading. I ended up reading all 4 books the 1st day I bought the series on kindle. Thanks JJ, keep em coming please."

Hydrophonics on 

I appear to be working my way through everything "zombie" that Amazon has to offer, and I am mildly ashamed at coming to JJ Zep's party late if his prolific bibliography is anything to go by.

"Dead Meat" is an introduction to a wider series ("The D.O.A Series") and serves as an introduction to the writer's style and (I assume) the series as a whole. Zep doesn't disappoint and this is a teaser of the highest order.

Dawn Peers on Goodreads

A Different Kind of Zombie Adventure *****

"I'm not going to write a synopsis, but just say this is a very well crafted tale, the author has a gift in spinning an interesting yet different type of story in a crowded field. Do yourself a favor. Read the book and enjoy a zombie novel with heart and a hero."

Steven Pereira on

Wow! Loved It! *****

I enjoy horror books but have never been a big Zombie fan. This book changed my mind. The pace is breakneck and there is plenty of blood and gore to keep your average Zombie fan satisfied. But unlike many books in the genre, the characters are well constructed you really care about them.

There are some parts that really creeped me out but also some surprisingly tender moments. Add to that a clever plot, the sprinklings of a conspiracy theory, witty dialogue and some laugh out loud moments and you have an instant classic.

Critique on

Once again the author did not disappoint, this book was just as good as all the others before it! jt's an interesting fast read from the start until the end!! Chris Collins and Joe Thursday are my heroes, you can't help but fall in love with these guys, they can be goofy, serious and always on point when it comes to kicking some zombie butt!! At times i do feel like they get lucky a little too much, however the author makes it work. if you love zombies then this is one for you!! enjoy!!

Caridad Cruz on Goodreads


Great Story *****

This is book one of a series of four books. I was glad that I bought all four at the same time because the story in the next book begins right after the last one ends. Normally, I find this distracting because this seems as if the author is just trying to sell more books, but in this series it works. This is a great story in four parts. I wish there were more, as this is an great and fast moving story that will hold your interest.

Maggie on

Awesome / Extreme Zombie Read *****

Woah. So I just finished and this was great, especially the beginning! That had me literally saying WOW. I described the book to my husband and every time he said, geez, I told him "Wait... it gets worse"(well I suppose 'better' in this case!) The only thing I didn't like were the talking zombies, but that's just my own undead preference. Worth the download and ill be waiting for the subsequent sequel.

GingerMass 347 on

The final chapter *****

Sad to think that this is the final book in the D.O.A. series, but what a finish, thousands of zombies under the control of a madman who can unleash hell with the flick of a switch, and the return of the cannibalistic Dead Men biker gang, a group that Hooley has a personal grudge with.

As with the previous books, this picks up right where book 15 finished off with Joe stuck on a rooftop surrounded by zombies, did he survive? I suggest you buy the book and find out for yourself.

This has been a brilliant series to read, and I believe the next series is going to be a spin-off of the D.O.A. series featuring the younger generation (Charlie, Jojo, Ferret and of course Ruby), and one I'm looking forward to reading.

Colin Buckland on

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