Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dead Meat (Prequel To The Zombie D.O.A. Series)

On a beautiful early-fall evening, a couple is attacked in Times Square by a seemingly deranged vagrant.

An ER unit is dispatched to the scene and returns to the emergency room with two victims, one seriously injured, the other dead on arrival. Or so they think.

The prequel to the best-selling Zombie D.O.A. series follows the events leading up to the zombie epidemic, as a seemingly routine ER call quickly spirals out of control - with deadly results.

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Dead Meat

The Dead Can't Die (Zombie D.O.A. Book 6)

It's been twelve years since the zombie epidemic. Humans continue to shelter in fortified settlements while the Corporation assures them that the zombies have gone into hibernation. Life has taken on a sheen of normality.

But the dead can't die, and when a ruthless psychopath decides to raise an army of the undead and unleash them on the settlements, the survival of the human race is far from certain.

For Chris Collins, facing a charge of murder, for Joe Thursday, ousted as head of the Corporation and running for his life, for Ruby Collins, suffering from amnesia and wandering the zombie-infested streets of Los Angeles, the clock is ticking.

An unstoppable force is headed their way, menacing, gruesome and eternally hungry.      

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The Dead Can't Die