Sunday, December 15, 2013

Zombie D.O.A. - New Series Coming Soon

If there's one thing I've learned about writing zombie books it's that the undead really do refuse to die. When I first started writing the D.O.A. series my idea was that it would be a trilogy. I remember debating with my wife whether to expand that first series to four books because I liked the idea of incorporating a "zombie western" (The Dead Men).

Anyway, we settled on four books and after completing Dead On Arrival, I moved on to other projects (Johnny Black, Soul Chaser). But then I started getting e-mails from fans of the D.O.A. series asking what next? Most of you wanted to know what happened to Ruby, so I decided to write a sequel (Return to Dead City). That led to series two and three and ultimately to series four. Sixteen books in all, 17 including the sequel, Dead Meat.

The Dead, The Damned and The Dying was again meant to be the series finale, but I planned on writing a spin-off based on the younger character in the series (mainly Charlie and Jojo). I've now changed that idea slightly and decided to incorporate that "spin-off" into the main series i.e. as Zombie D.O.A. Series 5.

I'm currently outlining the new series (in between completing other writing projects) and hope that I'll be able to get the first book up on Amazon by end January.

What else can I tell you? As in the other series there will be four books, tentatively titled, The Never Dead; Dead & Dangerous; We, The Dead; and Dead Ever After. The action as always will be fast, furious and brutal and there'll be lots of new characters as well as old favorites, Chris, Joe etc. (although in supporting rather than lead roles).

Before I go, let me just thank you all for your continued support and your kind words about my work. Here's a cover reveal to wet your appetite for the new series.

 Leave a comment to let me know what you think about the titles and cover for the new series.


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